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Onondaga County Board of Elections Statistics

File Date  
02/05/2020 NYS Budget and Employee Comparisons
02/05/2020 Historical Budget Comparison
Enrollment Archives
07/28/2020 5th Judicial Enrollment Data Analysis
07/28/2020 City of Syracuse Enrollment Data Analysis
07/28/2020 Town Enrollment Data Analysis
07/28/2020 24th Congressional Enrollment Data Analysis

Onondaga County Enrollment Data Analysis

07/28/2020 State Office Enrollment Data Analysis
05/05/2020 Onondaga County Enrollment Data Analysis
02/26/2020 5th Judicial District Enrollment Numbers
02/26/2020 24th Congressional Enrollment Numbers
02/26/2020 City of Syracuse Enrollment Data Analysis
11/27/2019 Early Voting Turnout
11/27/2020 Historical Absentee Ballot Data
11/27/2020 Historical Turnout Comparison
02/26/2020 Onondaga County Enrollment Data Analysis
12/09/2019 Registration Forms Processed By Year
02/26/2020 State Office Enrollment Data Analysis
26/26/2020 Town Enrollment Data Analysis

2020 February
2019 October
2019 June
2019 February
2018 October
2018 April
2017  October
2017  April
2016  October
2016 April
2015  October
2015  April
2014  October
2014  April
2013  October
2013  April
2012 October
2012  May After Redistricting
2012  April Before Redistricting
2011  October
2011  April
2010  October
2010  April
2009  October
2009  April



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