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The Online Tour - Housing Units

Housing Units - Nine separate housing units are located within our perimeter fencing.  All but four  housing units contain 60 individual rooms, some with double bunks within.  These four units are dormitory style. All inmates are housed depending on their classification, age and gender.  Inmates are classified by our counseling staff through careful review of records and interviews with the particular inmate. The classifications are Close, Medium, or Minimum. Close is the most restrictive, with Minimum being the least restrictive. Each classification has a level of security and privileges that go along with their classification. image

image Our inmates also have certain uniforms that allow staff to identify the inmate. Adult females wear tan uniforms, adult males wear green, minor females wear a light blue top with dark blue slacks, and minor males wear dark blue. Close classification and reception inmates wear orange jumpsuits due to the higher security level of those inmates. 

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Inmate Rooms - In some housing units the inmates live in rooms either by themselves or in shared double bunked rooms. The photos below show a room occupied by one of our inmates. These rooms are expected to be kept clean and neat. Beds are to be made daily by 8:00 a.m. and remain made throughout the day. Trash must be emptied daily and the room is inspected by the officer in charge on each of the three shifts. 
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Inmate Cubicles - Some of our inmates are housed in what are called cubicles. This is a group of four inmates that share a common housing area. The same standards of cleanliness are expected here as anywhere else in the facility.

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Recreation Yards - All of our housing units have an outdoor recreation yard. These yards allow the inmate to recreate throughout the day and the officer to keep their inmates in view. There are tables in the yards as well as basketball hoops.

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