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Welcome to the Onondaga County Department of Correction online facility tour! At various times during the year many people tour our facility as part of school field trips, community groups, etc. Catch a glimpse of who we are, what we do and what you might experience during a tour of our facility.

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Reception Area -   Upon entering our facility, all visitors are required to register at the Reception Area by providing proper photo identification.  Official visitors will be escorted to their destination.  To visit an inmate, all visitors must be at least  18 years of age in order to visit unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  A staff member will register you and assign you a locker for your non-allowable items. Once you are signed in, you can start your tour. This area also accepts eligible packages and money for inmates during visits.



Main Control Center - To gain access to secure locations within the facility, you must pass through  the Main Control Center area. This is known as the nerve center of the operation.  Surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, telephone and radio communications, and the distribution of keys are just a few of the functions of this critical area.  All emergency situations are coordinated staff posted in the Main Control Center. 

Visiting Room - To visit an inmate this is where inmates and their family and friends see each other along with attorneys and their clients. 

image A few small rooms are available for "Closed Consultation Booths". Any inmate who is determined to be a security or safety risk receives their visits in one of these closed consultation booths. In each booth there is a transparent divider which prevents inmate and visitor contact. Communication is achieved through a two-way telephone handset. 

Regular visits take place in a larger open area of the visiting room.  To allow staff to effective supervise this area, inmates sit in the inner area of the room, visitors sit in the outer area of the room.  No more than two visitors per inmate are allowed at a time. Prior to any visit, all inmates are pat searched, then brought to the visiting area and assigned a place to sit. When the visit is complete, the inmates are individually strip-searched for contraband, then returned to their assigned area. 


Chaplain's Corridor -  This hallway houses the offices of the facility chaplains, multi-used offices and a computer training room. Many outside agencies are required to conduct business with inmates and it occurs in this area.  The Visitors Room is also off this hallway. 



Rear Control Center - This is the main hub of all inmate movement within the main building. These doors are electronically controlled by an officer who regulates and observes all inmate movement to this area from inmate housing units. 

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